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Shuttertrips, Inc. offers tours organized and led by Lyle Lawson which have been exclusively designed for amateur (and “budding professional”) photographers, whatever their levels of expertise. For beginning photographers, Lyle provides advice and assistance. Experienced photographers have won hundreds of prizes for photos taken on various Shuttertrips. A measure of Lyle’s success is the amount of her repeat business: several clients have taken 12 or more tours, others are approaching that number.

Each itinerary is the result of research and extensive prior scouting of the entire tour by Lyle. Itineraries are created to capture a country’s or a region’s best photographic opportunities and to give insight into its culture and its people. Group sizes are limited to fit the particular tour, and range from half a dozen members up to 12. The maximum number of tour members for each particular tour is always announced in the tour brochure

Each tour uses the best available accommodations, is accompanied by a licensed local English-speaking guide, uses local professional drivers for all overland travel, and is priced on an all-inclusive basis (including tips to local staff), except for air transportation, international departure taxes, passports, visas, overweight luggage charges, and items of a personal nature. When the tour transport is a bus, tour members are allocated two seats each, one for themselves and one for their camera gear. If cars are used, each tour member is guaranteed a window seat and a door for easy access.

Scouting Gujarat

Lyle, who worked for Thru the Lens Tours (a pioneer in creating tours designed solely for photographers), before starting Shuttertrips, Inc. in 1986, has been leading tours for over 25 years. (In September 1979, she led a group of amateur photographers through Afghanistan for what became the last photographic tour of that country before the Russian invasion in December of that same year.)

Although Lyle has led tours to more than 20 countries, India is her specialty area, and in the 30 years since her first visit, she has traveled the length and breadth of the sub-continent.

In 1977 she co-led the first photographic tour of Ladakh (then led eight further tours to the region); two years later, she was one of the first photographers to lead a tour that included Rajasthan’s fabled Pushkar Fair. In 1996, Lyle took the first photographic group into Orissa’s tribal area, and in 1997, led another “groundbreaker”, a tour into the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas. In 2003, photographic tours of the tribal areas of Gujarat and the state of Kerala will be added to Shuttertrips’ list of “firsts”.

Lyle also has created many other pioneering photographic tours to very diverse destinations, among them Sicily, Eastern Turkey, Yemen, Finland, the Baltic States, Korea, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and the tribal areas of Indonesia.

A free-lance professional travel photographer and writer, Lyle served for more than ten years as a Contributing Editor to Modern Photography magazine reporting on a myriad travel destinations, and has been principal photographer for more than a score of guidebooks in the Apa Publications Insight Guide series. Her work has appeared in many publications such as Time, Asia Week, Islands, on calendars, and in travel brochures and posters of tourist authorities and private companies.

For photographers, whether expert or beginner, Shuttertrips, Inc. offers the finest tours available to some of the world’s most photogenic locales. Other tour companies may offer tours to the same regions at a lower price, but those who do often take a larger number of tour members, stay at inferior hotels, use busses and other transport that are too small for the number of people on the tour and their equipment, and exclude the expense of tipping and some meals. We believe that when you compare what you receive on a Shuttertrip, you will find not only better value, but also a net lower cost per day.

When asked how she operates her trips, Lyle’s reply is simple: “I want to give every tour member the type of photography tour and the photographic opportunities I would like to have.”

We look forward to welcoming you to a Shuttertrips……soon!

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