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Acupuncture has evolved from its roots in an old civilisation to take its place in the UK’s primary health care system for the 21st century. It is clinically sophisticated and self contained in a simple concept: the body, mind and emotions are inter-connected by a flow of energy. This energy can be disturbed by a number of factors such as inappropriate diet, overwork and stress, infections, trauma, environmental and weather conditions, prolonged anger, fear or grief

The diagnostic and therapeutic methods of acupuncture can unravel the complex patterns of illness caused by a modern day lifestyle, as well as provide preventative healthcare and enhanced immunity. Diagnosis is made by reading the subtle signs of the body such as the twelve pulses, the tongue and face, the sound of the voice, and the odour of the body. Together with a history of lifestyle and symptoms this gives a picture of your energy and the underlying cause of your ailments.

This leads naturally to a specific choice of points and a treatment plan which may include advice on diet and lifestyle. The aim of acupuncture is to treat the patient, not the symptoms. Acupuncture is not painful, sometimes a dull ache is experienced which fades after a few minutes and a state of relaxation is felt, similar to the state just before falling asleep. Stimulating each person’s healing responses and strengthening the flow of energy begins the process of enhancing recuperative power and restoring a calmer state of mind. In this way, many recent or long standing conditions can be helped, such as back pain, insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, IBS headaches, sinusitis, depression anxiety states. Acupuncture is very helpful in weight loss programmes. Maura also treats women during pregnancy for sickness and after birth to restore energy levels.

Sessions are one hour and cost £50. The Bright Practice is situated on the ground floor in a large, elegant house in Harley Street. The treatment room is cosy and warm, and has a peaceful, healing atmosphere.

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